Unbleached parchment paper

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Unbleached parchment paper

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Unbleached parchment paper

Do I understand you to say very oily doughs stick, or you oil the parchment and then have problems sticking? If it's a matter of oily doughs, the oil in dough may evenutally soak into the paper.

I would wait to put it on the parchment until right before baking. If it's that you oil the parchment, as others have already said there should be no need to oil the parchment--good parchment will not stick.

There are a lot of parchment papers out there you can buy in bulk and save money, IF you have the money to buy in bulk in the first place. But a bulk package would blow my budget for more than a month, nothing left for ingredients. I bought this roll several months ago and have plenty left.

I like it better than Reynolds because you can use it in hotter ovens Reynolds is not meant for temps over degreesit's narrower and longer so it goes farther and costs less and it's supposedly greener unbleached, reusable, coated only with silicone.

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According to the website for If You Care, many less expensive bulk papers are coated with Quilon which breaks down into a toxic substance. Log in or register to post comments jannrn Parchment Correct me if I am wrong But I always thought the point of parchment was not having to treat it with oil or sprays at all I use silicone mats at times that work well too.

Time to go to NYBakers. Jannrn Log in or register to post comments Angelo Thanks all Great responses here, and quickly too. I wasn't aware that the point of parchemnt paper was to not treat it at all.

I've been experimenting with recipes from the Bread Baker's Apprentice, and so far a lot of the recipes called for "spray oil on parchment paper, and transfer dough I tried spraying it not at all on one batch of scones, but then they stuck to the paper like they were part of it and tore if I tried to force them off.


I tried using a bench scraper, which freed some, but just tore the paper mostly, and left me peeling strips off the scone itself lol. Clearly it's not a quality issue, as I've been using Reynolds.

I didn't realize it was such a good one, but from what everyone here feels, it's a top brand. Log in or register to post comments LindyD Reinhart and oiling parchment I couldn't figure out why anyone would oil parchment paper except when using it for retarding bagels overnight so I checked the BBA.

Peter Reinhart notes at page 38 that "The silicon does not cause a release until it heats up to about F, so if you plan to move products around on the parchment, it is best first to mist the paper with spray oil.

Perhaps he thinks we home bakers are fickle and move our proofed loaves around? He's the only author in my bread book library who makes such a recommendation.

I use parchment for everything and never oil it, except for bagels. In that case, rather than spraying the parchment, I spray a paper towel and rub it over the parchment so that just a very light and uniform coating is applied.

Once the bagels are retarded overnight then boiled, they are moved to a fresh sheet of parchment and immediately to the hot baking stone.

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I save the lightly oiled parchment for use on the next batch of bagels. Angelo, I've found that it's best to wait until cookies and such have cooled a bit before moving them off my unoiled parchment. I've never made scones and don't know why they would stick Log in or register to post comments Elagins.Parchment paper is a great solution to help simplify baking.

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