Swot on fitness industry

Transition in the living habits across the globe is leading to an increase in the rate of chronic diseases and obesity, further creating the need for exercise and fitness among youngsters.

Swot on fitness industry

Geographics The immediate geographic target is the city of Seattle. A 35 mile radius is in need of the services. The total targeted population is 15, employees.

Behavior Factors Recognize the need to have physical activity in their lives. Are willing to utilize fringe benefits that are offered by their employer as part of their compensation package. Market Needs Corporate Fitness is providing their customers with a health care cost management program for employees that will increase employee productivity and decrease overall business costs.

Corporate Fitness seeks to fulfill the following benefits that are important to their customers: Customization- CF will offer a totally customized solution for each company as well as each employee within the company.

Convenience- Customers will not use the service if it is not convenient. CF recognizes this and strives to make their services as convenient as possible for the targeted customer groups. Market Trends There have been two significant market trends in the last five years.

Increased usage of fitness facilities on behalf of individuals. Five to ten years ago there were widespread reports about an impeding health crisis, obesity. Americans, relative to their Western European counterparts have higher incidents of obesity. The poor diet is not the only factor however.

Luckily, that has changed over the last 10 years. More and more people are going to the gym after work or are incorporating some sort of outdoor activity into their daily routine. The incorporation of fitness memberships within the "basket of benefits," a part of the total compensation package.

This has occurred for at least two reasons. One reason is a flexible method to compensate employees. For no other reason, offering fitness club memberships to employees is a smart cost-benefit decision.

Important demographic changes are taking place in America that point to the importance of worker productivity in coming decades.

Financial Statements and Financial Ratios

Inwomen comprised one-third of the work force, a ratio that will increase to one-half by the year An estimated 80 percent of jobs to be filled in the immediate future will require more than a high-school education.

Only 74 percent of Americans, however, finish high school, and only 67 percent graduate with adequate skills.

The number of skilled workers available to fill new jobs is decreasing, meaning that employers are facing more severe competition for labor.

Strengths Results-orientated approach to attracting and maintaining customers. A well-researched, detailed health wellness program that is long-term in focus. High costs associated with customized, personal service. The inability to work on a high volume business model.

The costs of attracting a large corporate client. Opportunities Participation within a growing market. Threats Lack of immunity to an economic downturn. Potential competition from larger, well established competitors. Competition The three main competitors for Corporate Fitness are: Better Bodies-aimed at casual fitness-seekers who do not workout with a high intensity but still desire the status and recognition.

Finally, Corporate Fitness will furnish employee progress reports to senior management with which to carry out the incentive program and generally monitor changes in the behavior of its work force.

Marketing services to companies and individuals. Recruitment of experienced managerial talent.

Swot on fitness industry

Dedication and hard work of the founders.The fitness industry is in good shape. Fitness has been a growth industry during the past couple decades. U.S. health club industry revenue reached $ billion as memberships totaled million in , according to the International Health, Racquet & Sportsclub Association (IHRSA).

Industry revenue increased from by 5%, while memberships grew by %. Swot Analysist Sporting Goods Industry Essay Ideas Parent Company I Fill Korea Limited I Tagging/ Slogan I Sport for life I USPS I Premium and innovative sports wear I I The Group of people who are fashion conscious and like the sporty look Segment to their daily lifestyle.

The first letter in the SWOT acronym is S, which stands for ‘Strengths’. at acceptable prices. This means that they produce the industry standard components in many premade bikes, and resultingly receive more sales.

Thomas Bush is an English-born writer, entrepreneur, and fitness enthusiast. Having freelanced for years, Thomas has. 2 SWOT Analysis: Fitness Center Industry It today’s society, “going to the gym” has become a normal phrase heard around the world; however, the fitness center industry is not exactly in the spot light of today’s media and headline news.

Dec 29,  · The SWOT analysis of Whole Foods Market identify the factors that falls under the following: Strengths • The c. TRENDING: • The company has a strong support by the complementary industries like health, health insurance industry, fitness centers and other wellness programs. A Sample Gym House Business Plan SWOT Analysis.

Fit as Fiddle Gym and Fitness Club is in business to help its clients achieve their health and fitness goals and at the same time to make profit.

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