Starbucks annual report 2008

Starbucks has a licensing agreement with Kraft Foods, Inc. Pursuant to that agreement, Kraft manages all distribution, marketing, advertising and promotions for Starbucks whole bean and ground coffee in grocery and mass merchandise stores and pays a royalty to Starbucks based on a percentage of total net sales. Additionally, Kraft distributes Starbucks products to warehouse club stores, for which the Company pays a distribution fee. The Company is currently in the process of transitioning the majority of its foodservice accounts to the broadline distribution network as well as aligning its current foodservice sales, service and support resources with SYSCO Corporation.

Starbucks annual report 2008

We had just completed a very dif? In the face of these challenges, we made what many believed to be a controversial decision to invest in our people. For me, the decision was obvious.

The core of our brand and of our success for more than three decades has been our partners. We will write a custom essay sample on Starbucks Annual Report Order now More Essay Examples on Our future growth depends on them, and on staying true to the values that made Starbucks the world-class brand it is today.

At our Leadership Conference, we asked our partners to make a commitment to doing business in a new way. What you see on the cover of this report is the Commitment Wall—which 10, partners from all over North America signed.

We asked them to operate their stores as if they were their own businesses, to deliver an experience that would engage our customers and to get involved with their communities as never before.

We also introduced them to new tools and technology we knew they needed to meet these objectives. Most important, we reenergized our partners and sent them back to their stores to deliver results.

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Our store partners are now better equipped to operate in a different environment, with a renewed focus on what has de? While the year presented us—along with most other retailers—with signi? In spite of the economy, as I write this, Starbucks business fundamentals are strong: We generate strong cash?

We have a differentiated and diversi? Customers purchased nearly half a million Starbucks Gold Cards and more than 5 million Starbucks Cards at Costco during the holiday season.

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They have loaded a record number of dollars on their traditional Starbucks Cards, and we expect to see the results of this throughout? All of this gives me con?

Starbucks annual report 2008

We put a signi? Not surprisingly, our customers have asked us to reward their loyalty and provide value, and we did just that through our Starbucks Rewards program. Value continues to be key to meeting the needs of our customers, and we have our sights set on more ways to provide it—all while not diminishing our brand, which stands for quality above all else.

Our customers have consistently expressed that they want to be part of something bigger. And to that end, we worked diligently to tell the world exactly what kind of company Starbucks is, and has always been. Our stores, the iconic third place for meeting friends and family, enjoying a quiet moment alone with a book or simply?Starbucks' Annual Report has a 4 page write-up with a letter from Howard Schultz and a brief description of the company's business for the past year.

The K does have a set form. It includes a five-part discussion of the business; the financial data, which is the largest part of the report; a five-part discussion of relating to.

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Nov 20,  · Updated annual income statement for Starbucks Corp. - including SBUX income, sales & revenue, operating expenses, EBITDA and more. The Starbucks Mission Statement reflects the values of corporate social responsibility. Learn about our contribution to communities like yours. Starbucks Corporation Deferred Stock Plan (incorporated herein by reference to Exhibit to the Company’s Annual Report on Form K for the Fiscal Year ended October 3, , filed with the Securities and Exchange Commission on December 23, ).

“Starbucks record Q3 revenues and profits once again reflect the underlying strength of the Starbucks business ” - Scott Maw, CFO. During last year’s annual meeting of shareholders, I outlined our Transformation Agenda, a blueprint for Starbucks to return to its roots: a focus on partners, coffee, customers and the Starbucks Experience.

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