Sample questionnaire for enrollment system

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Sample questionnaire for enrollment system

Can you support automatic enrollment of eligable employees? Can you support automatic annual increases in a participants contribution rates? Describe your ability to customize participant statements. What makes your participant statements different or unique in the marketplace?

Can you calculate and report a personal rate of return for each participant and report this on each participant statement? What is your quality standard for returning calls from our benefits staff? How do you monitor this standard?

Please include a sample plan management report that includes such data as total plan assets by fund, cash flow summaries, participant usage statistics, etc. How often are such reports produced? Are they available on request? Are they available on your plan sponsor website? Do you require the use of a prototype or volume submitter document?

Sample questionnaire for enrollment system

Who does plan amendments if we use an individually designed document? Is there a difference between required regulatory changes and elective changes? Do you restate the plan due to the change - or do we work with our own consul on this?

VA Health Care Eligibility Questionnaire

How are we advised of regulatory changes? It is very important that you understand just what plan maintenance work they will provide and what you must make other provisions for.

What assistance do you offer in drafting, designing, printing and distributing Summary Plan Descriptions? If so, be sure to include this cost in the fee section. Describe all the testing and other administrative work you will provide.

Are there standard testing or administrative work which you do not normally perform? Be sure you completely understand what they are going to do and what they are not going to do for you.

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