Module three text questions 3 05

History[ edit ] Long before the invention of electronic signal processingsome people tried to build machines to emulate human speech.

Module three text questions 3 05

See sections below for details on each of these. Should the contents keyword be replaced with content? If the computed value of the part of the content property that ends up being used is a single URI, then the element or pseudo-element is a replaced element.

The box model defines different rules for the layout of replaced elements than normal elements. Replaced elements do not have ':: Accessibility of Generated Content Generated content should be searchable, selectable, and available to assistive technologies.

The content property applies to speech and generated content must be rendered for speech output. Alternative Text for Speech Content intended for visual media sometimes needs alternative text for speech output.

If such alternative text is provided, it must be used for speech output instead. This allows, for example, purely decorative text to be elided in speech output by providing the empty string as alternative textand allows authors to provide more readable alternatives to images, icons, or text-encoded symbols.

Here the content property is an image, so the alt value is required to provide alternative text. Here the ARIA attribute will be spoken as "collapsed".

Without the empty string alt value, the content would also be spoken as "Black right-pointing pointer". Content Values and Functions The content property can be used to add many different types of content to a document, including images, strings, the values of counters, and the text value of elements.

In this section we enumerate the possibilities. String The element or pseudo-element contains the specified string. To make an element fallback on its contents, you have to explicitly give contents as a fallback: There appears to be some change from [CSS21] which says, "If the user agent cannot display the resource it must either leave it out as if it were not specified or display some indication that the resource cannot be displayed.

When a URI is used as replaced content, it affects the generation of:: If set on the element: Note that this is the default, since the initial value of content is normal and normal computes to contents on an element. Check to see that it is not set on a "previous" pseudo-element, in the following order, depth first:Aug 07,  · So, she'd give you like 10 questions you'd have to write down and answer on the spot.

All in all, as long as you watch the review videos (which there are a ton of in math, at least), ask your teacher questions if you get lost, and go over the lesson reviews, you should get a on your Resolved.

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Module three text questions 3 05

Module Three: Text Questions Review Questions 1. What are the four types of evidence in a criminal investigation? Physical, Documentary, Demonstrative, and Testimony 2.

What are individual characteristics? Give an example of an individual characteristic? Is evidence with characteristics that can be traced back to an individual item or person . Information Extraction Architecture.

shows the architecture for a simple information extraction system. It begins by processing a document using several of the procedures discussed in 3 and first, the raw text of the document is split into sentences using a sentence segmenter, and each sentence is further subdivided into words using a tokenizer.

For this module, each student will create an “Accessing Books around the World” bookmark based on research about selected countries in the text My Librarian Is a Camel and the geography content in Unit 3. Module 3 – Assignments, Quizzes and the Gradebook in Moodle Prepared by Kellie Macneil & Adam Barbary for CLIPP, version 13 updated Aug Moodle version This document was accurate at time of printing.

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