Mergim butaja business plan

Joseph worked to present his plan for new gas plumbing service, which received good feedback from experts thanks to a strong advert for it, despite it having minor issues over its name and logo design. Vana worked to present her plan for a new dating app with gaming features, with its advertising and logo designed well-received during the pitch, but faced serious concerns over its target market and its financial strength. Based on feedback from this, Lord Sugar deems that Joseph Valente will be his new business partner for for providing a strongly founded proposal and demonstrating positive traits, leaving Vana Koutsomitis to finish as runner-up due to her plan being deemed too great a risk to invest in because of the serious concerns surrounding it. Criticism and controversy[ edit ] Selina Waterman-Smith[ edit ] Throughout October, several media articles raised questions over the handling of problematic candidates during and after the filming of a series.

Mergim butaja business plan

For some unknown reason, the lads seemed to think it was a bit gross. I propose this question to project manager Richard Woods: Does anyone remember the name of your crisp brand? Instead, she insisted that David Stevenson repeat everything Richard wanted to say into the phone like some sort of English-to-English translator.

If Lord Sugar had sent the six candidates to beg on the street they would have made him more money. In fact, if Lord Sugar had sent six donkeys to walk down the street with gum on their hooves they would have made him more money. But no, it took until week six for Sugar to come to his senses. Shitty Snacks A milestone in The Apprentice: As a consequence, both the teams were sent to the crap cafe and brought back to the boardroom.

mergim butaja business plan

Lord Sugar missed a trick though, by not forcing them to eat their own horrible, oily crisps as punishment. Watching your mum sitting on a bench, staring at your party longingly like an ex-girlfriend with a restraining order?

Scott Quits Scott Saunders was actually a credible candidate at the start of the process and it seemed he would go far. Yet something changed in week seven and Scott began to crumble before our very eyes, until week nine when he completely gave up and quit before Lord Sugar could fire him.

Thankfully, this was not before Scott came up with some incredible self-sabotage tactics — such as chatting absolute shite. Mergim There is really no singular, best moment of Mergim Butaja. He kicked off the series with his shampoo idea, where he gave us an insight into his sexual fantasies: A gentlemen with quite similar hair to mine, and slow-motion women.

And he was right: Joseph had blossomed from a boy into a man — it was like watching The Princess Diaries all over again.

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Charleine nearly starting a teenage pregnancy influx by claiming her ingredient was a great contraceptive instead of an aphrodisiac. When Gary jokingly insinuated to an estate agent that he was going to take a dump in the show home toilet.

Become a Roobla writer, now - http:Kosovan-born refugee Mergim Butaja had everyone in stitches as he brought his unique flair and humour to the boardroom.

before launching into a detailed description of his business plan.

mergim butaja business plan

Mergim Butaja will be fired for speaking for the sake of speaking, says last year's winner Mark Wright. Mergim Butaja became the latest casualty of The Apprentice last night when he was fired by Lord Sugar after Team Versatile failed in this week's task.

Growing up in Kosovo before moving to. The latest Tweets from Jamie Mccuaig (@jamie_mccuaig). Director of International Business Acquisitions Ltd | been specialising in dealing with the sales of large, medium and small businesses in the UK for 10 years.

England, United Kingdom. Watch video · Of the men, Joseph Valente referred to himself (on his CV!) as 'the master of persuasion with the women' even though he looked like a modern Jimmy Hill .

Nov 18,  · Mergim and April were then shown the door too, although April has since managed to push forward with her business plan anyway and open Author: Shaun Kitchener.

The Apprentice 's new series hits the ground running by Jim Shelley | Daily Mail Online