Leader of a country

Later on, the current President of Iran, Hassan Rouhanithen a member of Parliament, arranged for Khamenei to get his first major post in the provisional revolutionary government as deputy defense minister. He served briefly as the vice Minister of National Defence from late July to 6 November [66] and as a supervisor of the Islamic Revolutionary Guards. He also went to the battlefield as a representative of the defense commission of the parliament. Assassination attempt on Ali Khamenei Khamenei in the hospital after the assassination attempt Khamenei narrowly escaped an assassination attempt by the Mujaheddin-e Khalq when a bomb, concealed in a tape recorder, exploded beside him.

Leader of a country

How to Play Simcountry The President or leader of the country You play this game as a president or leader of a country. As a president, you can control developments in your country. There are many pages showing details about education, health, defense and war situation and many more pages about your economy, employment in your country, trade agreements with other players, federations and common markets you may become member of etc.

It is not necessary to see all the details and you do not need to understand all of it at the start. With time you will gain more experience, read more of the hints and all the details will become clear.

You may just look at developments in the country but this alone will not make anything run better and will not get you into any great success. There are many ways you can influence what is going on. You can build more hospitals and as a result, health care will slowly improve.

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But Leader of a country you have the money to build hospitals? Do you have the doctors and nurses needed to run it when it is built and do you have the money to pay their salaries every month after that? You might be able to add several hospitals but may not have enough doctors or nurses to build the number of hospitals you need.

You may need to change the education priorities so that more doctors and nurses will graduate from your universities. When these professionals are available, you will be able to build more. The same applies to the education system. You can add more schools but not as many as needed for excellent education and excellent education you will need if you want to get to the top players list.

So you need more teachers. Again, the education priorities are important. There are many things you can improve and you need a lot of money to make these things happen. So you also need a large and successful economy that will earn you the money you need to do what you think is right.

You are the president and you will have to decide whether to change the corporate taxes, buy weapons to protect your country against evil players who are out to destroy what you have achieved, build excellent education to have the people you need to run your economy and more.

You cannot expect to be able to do all this directly. Look at the real world. Things change but not overnight. Building an army takes time.

Simcountry: The President or leader of the country

Building a strong economy takes time and so does everything else. Driving your economy is like steering a huge tanker. You must start turning the wheel long before you want it to turn.

Your country will grow fast to about 6 to 7 million people.

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There are many children, and they go to schools and universities; many people are retired, unemployed or disabled and receive government support and pensions.

Many work of course; each country has 10 to very large corporations. The game is running three game months in one real day. On some of the worlds it runs 4 or 6 game months per day. This means that when you look at your country the next day, the date is moved by three months. The current world date shows on the screen all the time and you can follow the date changes.

Some things take place just once per 8 real hours or once each game month. Computing how many babies were born and how many people are in each age group happens once a game month.

Employment numbers, school children numbers too. Also corporation's profit and losses are done once a game month.

Trading and delivery of products is on-going all the time. This does not mean that everything you buy or sell will be handled directly.Young Living is the World Leader in Essential Oils®.

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Through the painstaking steps of our proprietary Seed to Seal® process, we produce pure, authentic essential oil products for . The Swiss are a country divided (3 languages, 3 cultures).

That they can't find a single leader model is not all that surprising. Canada has two languages, two "official" main cultures and it goes through no end of grief when it comes to electing leaders with a fair vision for the entire country.

Aug 15,  · Leadership models are guides that suggest specific leadership behavior to use in certain situations. Country Club Leader (low task, In an effective leadership situation, the leader is a catalyst and servant whose leadership style is support, advocating, and empowerment.

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Leader of a country

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