Have the aspirations of the uns

I find him interesting for that, as well as for his craziness and his failure. The worldwide network of protagonists involved in the present-day free energy scene also move in an ambivalent field: We live in a culture which places great value on success, achievement, security and predictability, but does not want to admit that there is another side to these fixed stars, that they also have a shadow.

Have the aspirations of the uns

How O'Rourke became a Texas sensation who could shape the future of the Democrats I reproduce in full below an article from the Leftist "Guardian".

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Like many others, I had noticed the popularity of O'Rourke among Leftists. I had heard nothing of what ideas he stood for and wanted to find out.

So I read the article below carefully. I found nothing in that long article about his ideas. The only thing that came close was his approval of the kneeling footballers. Essentially, he appears to be a man of no ideas, a policy emptyhead Contrast that with "Build the wall" and "lock her up", which are succinct but very clear policy proposals.

I in fact wonder why Trump has initiated no legal proceedings against Hillary. There certainly seem "prima facie" grounds for at least some charges.

Our philosophy

I suspect that Trump has simply acted within the wise Western tradition of mercy to the defeated -- something I wrote about recently So I can only assume that O'Rourke is a smooth-talking supporter of each and every sort of grievance and that he conveys a pervasive dislike of America as it is.

He presumably supports standard Leftist talking points such as free healthcare for all and raising the minimum wage but that in no way makes him unique and therefore does not explain his notable drawing power.

It would be sad indeed if such an emptyhead were to attain significant political office in America O'Rourke is however well within a grand old Leftist tradition of policy vacuity. When a Leftist sees a problem his reponse is usually little more than "pass a law"!

He may have lost his plucky bid to win the first statewide election in Texas as a Democrat sincebut he came so close that he thoroughly wiped the smirks off Republican faces.

Less than three percentage points separated the incumbent senator and his insurgent challenger — In just 19 months, almost unassisted, he took the Texan Democratic party from its virtually moribund condition, gave it a stiff dose of adrenalin, and brought it back to life.

But how did he do it? What was the secret of the Beto magic? As Rolling Stone has pointed out, at that point he had two aides, both of them old friends from El Paso, and a rented sedan.

He put them to good use. He crisscrossed a state that is larger than France — from his hometown of El Paso to the eastern border of Texas is miles — visiting each of its counties.


Using digital apps, he empowered volunteers in each county to begin mobilizing their neighbors. It was entirely decentralised, with next to no quality control, which meant trusting volunteers implicitly — but it succeeded in unleashing huge reserves of untapped energy.

Carrie Collier-Brown, a lawyer from the suburbs of south-west Austin, was one of the new Beto super-volunteers.

She described what it has been like this year creating a team of about volunteers in her area out of nothing. The numbers tell the story.

Mark Jones, a professor of political science at Rice University, thinks that point swing was partly explained by a female backlash to the vulgarity, aggressive posturing and sexual impropriety of Donald Trump.

But that was not all. He was campaigning for a different kind of politics that are optimistic, positive. He spoke to thousands of people who are upset about the divisiveness in America today. We are not going to define ourselves by who or what we are against, or what we are afraid of or scared about.

We are great people. Again, the numbers tell the story. Not only did he win over young people in far greater proportions, he also crucially managed to unlock a door that has been frustratingly closed to progressive causes in vast swaths of America for years. He persuaded young voters who usually overwhelmingly opt to stay at home in midterm elections to get off their couches, get over to the polling stations, and vote.

Figures for overall Texas turnout have yet to be completed, but early voting data is again stunning. The number of 18 to year-olds casting an early ballot this year was five times greater than in the midterms.

Have the aspirations of the uns

He also speaks the language of the young.ENCYCLOPEDIA OF FREEMASONRY AND ITS KINDRED SCIENCES by ALBERT C. MACKEY M. D. Browse the Encyclopedia by clicking on any of the letters below. A | B | C | D | E | F. Published: Mon, 5 Dec The present study focuses on the perceptions of university students regarding their marriages and selection of marriage partner.

Marriage is the foundation of social relations which further constitutes family.

Have the aspirations of the uns

I didn’t know what I wanted to do with my life for a long time. A very long time, in fact. I worked for a decade in a career that I thought was my calling, only to realize after about eight of those ten years that I’d made the wrong choice.

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Whoops. I didn’t dislike the work I did as a communications and fundraising manager at nonprofit organizations, but I very much disliked the schedule. The best opinions, comments and analysis from The Telegraph.

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