Dissertation self-efficacy scale

Jerusalem Background and Development: The GSE is a item scale designed to assess optimistic self-beliefs used to cope with a variety of demands in life. The scale was designed to assess self efficacy, i.

Dissertation self-efficacy scale

Dissertation self-efficacy scale

Student Counseling and Personnel Services Teacher Education and Professional Development Abstract Self-efficacy, or one's beliefs about her or his capabilities to perform specific tasks, is critical to understanding individual behavior and motivation.

Despite the tremendous potential impact that counselor supervisors have on the development of their supervisees, little is known about the nature of counselor supervisor self-efficacy and its influence on the supervision process.

A psychometrically sound operationalization of supervisor self-efficacy is necessary to understand the nature of the construct.

Therefore, the purpose of this dissertation was to develop and provide initial evidence of validity of a measure of counselor supervisor self-efficacy, The Counselor Supervisor Self-Efficacy Scale CSSES. Development and initial validation of the CSSES proceeded using a sequential and rational approach grounded in Bandura's theory of self-efficacy.

A second order factor analysis revealed a single underlying factor, Supervisor Self-Efficacy. The CSSES also appears to possess initial construct validity, as most CSSES total and factors scores positively correlated with levels of supervisor development, experience, and education.

Reliability data also revealed that the CSSES and its factors have adequate evidence of internal consistency and test-retest reliability. Implications for the study, practice, and training of counselor supervisors were highlighted and suggestions for future research were reviewed. Access Surface provides description only.

Full text is available to ProQuest subscribers. Ask your Librarian for assistance. Recommended Citation Barnes, Kristin Lee, "Development and initial validation of a measure of counselor supervisor self-efficacy" Counseling and Human Services - Dissertations.teacher self-efficacy, teacher collective efficacy, and job satisfaction in small learning communities and small schools: implications for educational leaders a dissertation submitted to the faculty of clark atlanta university in partial fulfillment of the requirements .

self-efficacy, stress, and academic success in college RiCharde, ) and older nontraditional students (Chartrand, ). Some studies, on the other hand, have failed to detect an association be-. Electronic Thesis and Dissertation Repository June The Measurement of Physical Activity and Self-Efficacy in Adolescents: Prospects, Problems, and Future Directions Nerissa J.

Campbell The University of Western Ontario Supervisor Dr. Harry Prapavessis The University of Western Ontario Graduate Program in Kinesiology. STUDENT SELF-EFFICACY IN COLLEGE SCIENCE: AN INVESTIGATION OF GENDER, AGE, AND ACADEMIC ACHIEVEMENT By Diane L.

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Witt-Rose A Research . support, and coping self-efficacy in a sample of college students. Findings may increase our understanding of experiences and resources among college students, and aid in the refinement of prevention, education, and intervention efforts pertaining to trauma and adjustment in this population.

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