Discuss the operation management plays a

The precise tasks of an operations manager depend in large part upon the nature and size of the enterprise, but she needs a wide range of business and interpersonal skills to succeed.

Discuss the operation management plays a

Focus is different from other business strategies as it is segment based and has narrow competitive scope. This is also known as a niche strategy. In focus strategy, the competitive advantage can be achieved by optimizing strategy for the target segments.

Discuss the operation management plays a

Focus strategy has two variants. Cost Focus; and 2. Differentiation Focus Cost focus is where a firm seeks a cost advantage in the target segment; and Differentiation focus where a firm seeks differentiation in the target segment Cherumilan, We shall discuss these variants later.

When we talk about focus strategy as a niche strategy, it means that a market niche is chosen where customers have distinct preferences or requirements. The success of the focus strategy depends on the difference of the target segment from other segments.

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To explain this concept, let us take example of soft drink market. Coca Cola and Pepsi are the major players in the Indian market and are rivals but each has developed a competitive advantage by serving different segments offering flavoured drinks as well.

The focuser can also have an above average level of performance by having an appropriate cost-focus and differentiation focus strategies. Focus strategy can be effective in certain situations only. According to Raofollowing can be the situations where a focus strategy is efficient: Market segment large enough to be profitable; 2.

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Market segment has good growth potential; 3. Market segment is not significant to the success of major competitors; 4.

Focuser has efficient resources; 5. High costs are difficult to the competitors to meet the specialised needs of the niche; 7. Focuser is able to choose from different segments. There can be more situations depending on the need of the focuser.A.

Discuss the operation management plays a

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Management of Aquifer Recharge and Subsurface Storage —Making Better Use of Our Largest Reservoir i Preface Early the Netherlands National Committee of the International Association. The Importance of Forecasting in the Operations of Modern Management!

Turfgrass is the world-leading golf course consultancy. We specialise in Agronomy, Project & Golf Course Management and Private & Commercial Putting Greens. Discuss the Operation Management Plays a Key Role in Online Shopping in China -Using Zhuodang Book Store to analyze Introduction: In China, the network informatization is rapid developing. When sound operations management decisions are made, it shows that the strategies were effective, and the organization's mission can be met. Decision Making in Operations Management The three concepts of differentiation, cost, and response come into play as operations managers make good decisions in the seven major functional areas of.

Forecasting plays a pivotal role in the operations of modern management. It is an important and necessary aid to planning and planning is the backbone of effective operations.

Many organizations have failed because of lack of. Operations managers are required to take a series of decisions in the production function.

Some functions of production manager are listed below: • New product research and development. Emergency management is the organization and management of the resources and responsibilities for dealing with all humanitarian aspects of emergencies (preparedness, response, mitigation, and recovery).

The aim is to reduce the harmful effects of all hazards, including disasters.. The World Health Organization defines an emergency as .

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