Corporate social innovation case studies 2009

The following table summarizes the three corporate business plans we will review.

Corporate social innovation case studies 2009

Today, a philanthropist or social investor is more than a person or institution giving a grant. Of course, fundraising plays a vital role, as do charitable donations. But meaningful investment in a community is much more than that.

What is a philanthropist or a social investor? The answer to this question lies at the root of CSI. At Next Generation, we believe it is a person or entity that creates valuable social capital — those networks that enable society to function effectively.

In essence, it is based on relationships — the relationships between the people who live and work in a society, as well as those between the people and the businesses that serve them. Our aim is to allow businesses to give sustainably and strategically.

Naturally, this requires investment. But more importantly, it requires innovation. This is only possible through proper research and development. CSI is not a one-size-fits-all scenario. Every environment differs, as do the needs of the people in it. Social development and charitable projects can take many forms.

Small business grants, disability grants, investments in education and health — these are all forms of giving. The same goes for scholarships and bursaries.

But will it work for your business or in your environment? The key lies in tailoring your investment and development approach to have the biggest impact. In the end, your return on investment is more than numbers on paper. You want it to have meaning and deep impact.

So, how do you measure CSI effectively? You need proper systems, and at Next Generation, we work alongside your business to create these systems. Research into what is necessary in your community Engagement with key role players and stakeholders Assessment of the effectiveness of the investment and development system Development of investment portfolios and focus areas as required To complete each step effectively, we use various tools.

Corporate social innovation case studies 2009

Proprietary strategic, operational and programmatic frameworks: These frameworks are custom developed for specific companies. Investment and development models: These allow us to make forecasts and continually adjust your strategy to ensure sustainable development. These are standard points of reference for comparison purposes.

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These are based on years of research on our part. Performance management processes and systems: These are based on extensive experience and aim to assist with assessing the impact and return on investment of development programmes.It belongs to a series of 3 articles on the subject of Driving Innovation In Large Corporations.

William K. Aulet is the Managing Director of the MIT Entrepreneurship Center. Ricardo dos Santos (MIT Sloan MBA’97) is the Sr. Director of Business Creation & Development, Qualcomm Innovation Network / Qualcomm Ventures / Corporate R&D.

Corporate social innovation case studies 2009

Hitachi Events Hitachi collaborates with global leaders, policy makers, and scholars to conduct corporate events and initiatives that provide solutions for global challenges such as manufacturing, transportation, healthcare, urbanization and more.

Loew et al. () Case Studies on CSR and Innovation - 4 - 1. Introduction About the Project This collection of case studies was prepared as part of the research project entitled The Relevance of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) for Innovation and an Integrative.

4 and supply chain management efficiencies. However, with the changing competitive dynamics, Dell was losing its cost Innovation. This listing contains abstracts and ordering information for case studies written and published by faculty at Stanford GSB.

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