Case study on work teams

Leave a reply Teamwork Case Study: Team work is the work fulfilled not by one individual, but by a group of people, who share the same aim. Most often it is very difficult to complete the work by alone that is why people cooperate to achieve their aim together.

Case study on work teams

Case study on work teams

The pressures to keep the edge sharp and the plant at peak productivity were enormous. Characterized by fun, laughter, the right cultural fit and a basis in the four Team Results principles — Originality, Credibility, Results, Measurement — the leadership team emerged with practical, proven refinements to the world-class dynamics which they had already had in place under the previous leadership.

After the program and the post-retirement change in Managing Director, the Pfizer Dalian plant went on to new strengths, handling the leadership transition smoothly and maintaining — in fact, slightly increasing — all productivity measures.

Though the credit for productivity improvement should always go to the client, top Pfizer management identified the Team Results program as critical in sustaining and improving performance over the transition and into the future.

They were so successful that we brought them back for this critical mission. A successful handover of power to the new leadership team was essential, and there is nobody we would have trusted for that but Team Results. They ran a two-day session that was fun, relevant, practical, business-based and very right for our team and organizational culture.

It was a pleasure working with them again! Based on a long-standing relationship with the controlling company and on high-speed consultations with top managers, and in the absence of any identifiable cause, Team Results concluded that the likely cause was a subtle but rapidly destabilizing feature in team dynamics which needed practical investigation and correction.

Back-channel strategies designed to defuse such instabilities in the future were created during the program, and then implemented at work. Workers at the plant returned to the job, and more significantly, there has not been any similar incident in about six years since. Confidence across the workforce remains high that the former instabilities have been successfully tackled with practical strategies developed on the program and then sustainably continued in the workplace.

An academic paper was written on this work by Team Results and delivered at Johns Hopkins University, leading to a collaborative project in cutting-edge team dynamics research with UCLA. Team Results helped us turn a near-disaster into a triumph. We needed not just talk, not just analysis, but action and results.

The program unified the supervisors, created a new level of productivity and got to the bottom of the problem that caused the walkout. When giant telecommunications provider Telstra sold its Yellow Pages business, it was essential that the Yellow Pages I. Department — the most critical team to the sale — do its best work ever in the three months leading to the transition.

Team Results met with senior Telstra leadership to identify the areas of performance that were most critical. Then turning its attention to the Yellow Pages I. Working with Team Results, I.

The team then focused on using the program to develop tested and proven strategies for the short-term unification of a group of professionals to achieve world-acclaimed performance.

Case study on work teams

Strategies developed by the I. T Department during the program were instantly transferable and highly successful at work, leading to the successful and uncontentious sale of the Telstra Yellow Pages business at the full asking price. Wide acclaim of this success in the business community and the financial press led to all members of the former Yellow Pages I.

By comparison, other outplacement efforts for equally-qualified staff in other parts of the business which did not engage Team Results look longer, cost the business more and were much less successful. It was a real puzzle.


With typical ingenuity, Team Results ran a practical program that was perfect for our needs, got everyone enthused, involved and laughing, and delivered very concrete business results when it came to the business changes and positive outcomes for the people.

We were able to celebrate our successes and give everyone a positive mindset for the future. Ms Wendy Bliss, I.

A globally-known car maker needed its dealerships to freeze sales during a long weekend so that the system could be overhauled to meet new tax regulations. The dealerships met the request with a hostile and angry refusal.

The company was facing an impasse on a national scale, complications on every side, and a non-negotiable deadline for tax compliance. Recognizing that only the senior management saw an urgent need for resolution of the impasse, Team Results asked the company to send key managers and opinion leaders from the three most-affected departments — dealerships, finance and I.

Focusing on the need to emerge with practical team strategies for an apparently impossible project, the group managed a simulated project together which accurately reproduced the challenges of getting a unified result across major cultural differences and legitimately different business priorities.

The goal was to develop a set of practical, tested and shared strategies to get a complicated job done on time — even when compromise and sacrifice were required by all. Using negotiation strategies developed on the program, the managers and key opinion leaders returned to work and won support in their work areas for the impasse-solving strategies also developed on the program.

The tax switchover happened on time and without excessive compliance costs, and the dealerships implemented agreed stop-gap measures which allowed trading to continue. Though all sides retained their legitimately different business pressures, their now-unified strategies and practical discoveries about trust and teamwork enabled this massive tax change to be completed on time and with no loss of goodwill.

We just had to get past the conflicts. There were legitimately different pressures and viewpoints in the company, and we were in danger of gridlock.

We know we can rely on Team Results. Board Director for Finance, client.Diagnosing Whether an Organization Is Truly Ready to Empower Work Teams: A Case Study Thomas J.

Bergmann and Kenneth P. De Meuse, Professors of Management, University of Wisconsin Department of Management and Marketing. Managing Virtual Work Teams—A Case Study This case study accompanies the learning module entitled Managing Virtual Work Teams that consists of PowerPoint presentations, a syllabus and this case.

Both an instructor’s manual for the case and a student workbook, without case solutions, are provided. Teaching Notes are available in the Notes View page in the PowerPoint file. Case Study on Work Teams Theism’s Diagnosing Whether an Organization Is Truly Ready to Empower Work Teams: A Case Study Thomas J.

Bergmann and Kenneth P. De Mouse, Professors of Management, University of Wisconsin Department of Management and Marketing his case study examined employee perceptions regarding the level of organizational readiness to move toward team .

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The team is the molecular unit where real production happens, where innovative ideas are conceived and tested, and where employees experience most of their work. But it’s also where interpersonal issues, ill-suited skill sets, and unclear group goals can hinder productivity and cause friction.

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