An analysis of the members of the frock jazz group based in melbourne

Traditionally instruments such as the drums and the trumpet are perceived as being "masculine", while an instrument like the flute can be considered "feminine".

An analysis of the members of the frock jazz group based in melbourne

Messenger Female singers from Nina Simone to Kate Ceberano are some of the most recognisable and celebrated jazz performers.

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Yet across the Australian jazz industry, women are disturbingly under-represented. There are relatively few female jazz composers and instrumentalists.

Indeed, many female instrumentalists feel that they need to be better than their male counterparts to get gigs. Some musicians even believe certain instruments are more suited to men than women. Research also shows that jazz largely conforms to masculine stereotypes when it comes to women performing live.

Female singers have spoken of fending off comments about their dress and body shape. Australian trombonist, singer and composer Shannon Barnett recently recounted how she was late to an on-stage rehearsal for a TV show because it took the makeup department three times longer to do her hair and makeup than for the men in the band.

Studies in the USA have demonstrated that men take more solos than women in jazz performances — yet the musical quality of the solos changed very little regardless of gender. When playing, women are less likely to be found in jazz leadership roles.

Ariel Alexander, a saxophonist and jazz educator in America, notes: Many common jazz practices, such as cutting contests and trading foursare based around not only competition, but actually dominating the bandstand in such a way as to make others back off.

Improvisation in a group setting includes leading, following, making space and fitting in as the music evolves. But women in leadership roles — both on and off the stage — are judged more harshly than their male peers.

The lack of women composers represented in Australian music programming has been much discussed. Most musicians working in Australia across any genre are men. This tells us that while many girls study music, not many go on to professional careers.

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Jazz music student Caitlin Thomas in rehearsal at Monash University. Author provided While there is no research specific to jazz students in Australia to date, it is unlikely these statistics would improve for them.

An analysis of the members of the frock jazz group based in melbourne

Female representation on tertiary music faculties is likely to be another contributing factor to this lack of role models. In some Australian universities, none of the continuing jazz staff are women. What can be done? How to improve this visibility of women in jazz gigs and education faculties?

A recent panel discussion at the Melbourne International Jazz Festival — in which I participated — grappled with this question.

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Recognising the scale of the problem may be the first step.To dig into marital diversity and its influence on a group’s success, Conlon and Karen Etty Jehn of the University of Melbourne looked at two very different types .

Not only a home to live jazz, The Uptown Jazz cafe also champions improvisational styles from international musicians. Offering a full food Japenese menu, this place is great for teeing up live music with some Tokyo style flavours.

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TV presenter Abbey Gelmi made a glittering arrival in a silver sequinned frock by Sydney designer Leah Da Gloria, that featured a plunging mesh neckline and a subtle split at the leg. Melbourne-based trumpet player Audrey Powne remembers the day when, as a teenager, she saw another female jazz musician performing.

It made her believe that being a woman playing jazz was a. IT was a glamorous night to remember, with many A-listers frocking up for an evening of frivolity for W Brisbane’s exclusive premiere party, ‘All that Glitters is Golden’.

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