A look at the gun control issue as explained in case could shape future of gun control

A Full Overview of Gun Control Share Background The gun control debate has been a political presence that can be traced back all the way to the formation of the National Rifle Association. When the NRA was first brought about, their focus was to train Union soldiers in the ways of marksmanship and instill better rifle skills. It can be argued that the first confrontation regarding gun control was when the state of New York began to oppose having the NRA practice grounds in the state. This opposition was ironically met with little opposition from the NRA, they simply moved and created new practice facilities in New Jersey.

A look at the gun control issue as explained in case could shape future of gun control

Background on Gun Control Gun Massacres Mass shootings dominated discussion in several presidential debates inand the 49 people killed in the Orlando massacre in June ensures the issue will remain part of the presidential debates indefinitely.

San Bernardino CA, 16 killed, 19 injured Oct. Roseburg OR, 10 killed, 9 injured Aug. Houston TX, 8 killed July Lafayette LA, 3 killed, 9 injured June Charleston SC, 9 killed June 7: Deer Lodge MT, 5 killed May Waco TX, 9 killed, 18 injured Apr.

Phoenix AZ, 5 killed Feb. Tyrone MO, 8 killed, 1 injured Feb. Child-Safety Locks Inchildren died after being accidentally shot; in the figure was with comparable numbers in between.

About 1, children are hurt by guns every year. Gun control Advocates of gun control cite the large number of people killed in gun-based homicides each year: Overpeople are shot each year in the U. Compared to Japan, where gun laws are very strict regarding both ownership and punishment, only 4 people were killed by guns in Japan has a smaller population, but even counting that, the per capita death rate is 1, times higher in the United States.

Background Checks The "Gun-Show Loophole" means that there are no background checks when purchasing guns in a private transaction.

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Guns sold at gun shows through dealers ARE subject to background checks; only those sold privately are not. Miller," that the 2nd amendment only protects guns suitable for a well-regulated militia -- for example, sawed-off shotguns can be banned because they're not "ordinary military equipment".

Much discretion was left to the states and to Congress, but Heller opens up the issue to further Supreme Court cases. Hence, gun control issues are still primarily the subject of Congressional legislation.

A look at the gun control issue as explained in case could shape future of gun control

One such law was at issue in the Heller case.Additionally, there was an 89 percent spike in gun crime from / to /, all of which occurred after the gun ban. A closer look at the actual facts show that the Left's favorite examples of Britain and Australia are actually examples of how gun control doesn't work.

3. The vast majority of mass shootings occur in gun-free zones. Jun 20,  · Most Americans believe Politicians (particularly those who want gun control) who think interfering with our ease in purchasing guns (particularly assault weapons) is the solution to preventing future mass attacks.

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A look at the gun control issue as explained in case could shape future of gun control

We'll look at the role that policymakers play in the gun-control debate, and we'll look at what can be done (if anything). It isn't pretty, but it's important. Hundreds of thousands of American. There is no future to gun control so long as the American people do not insist on it.

Today there have been over , people marching across the planet in support of strengthening climate change regulations. Until the people of America march in the streets demanding gun control there will be none. Gun control has been an issue that has been vehemently battled on both sides of the argument, those supporting gun control and those supporting gun rights.

As it stands today, there are many gun control laws and regulations in place and those who are pro guns are constantly battling to have less of these laws in place, and further repeal any motion to implement new ones.

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